Shabondama Mutenka Shampoo – 無添加せっけんシャンプー

shampooVolume: 520 ml

Ingredients: Palm Kernel Oil, Sunflower Oil, Myristic Acid (Plant Oil), Camellia Oil, Potassium Hydroxide

Description : Saponified Camellia Oil has been added to Shabondama Mutenka Shampoo to soften hair and makes it more manageable. Apart from that, it also helps in restoring hair’s natural sheen.

With Shabondama Mutenka Shampoo, excessive oil and germs can be detached easily, keeping our hair clean and healthy.

Note : Kindly take note that the transitional period may vary from person to person, typically depending on the hair damaging level. Please be reminded that your hair or scalp might feel dry, tangles or frizz when you first begin using Shabondama Mutenka Shampoo.

Hints : If you find it hard to adapt to the dryness, tangles or frizz, you may want to try out Shabondama Mutenka Rinse for smoother and softer hair.

Additional Info :

Camellia Oil

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