Shabondama シャボン玉石けん

Shabondama Logo

“Protecting health and clean water”

About Shabondama Soap Co. Ltd

Shabondama Soap Co. Ltd always have its’ philosophy of “promoting health and clean water” in mind. Shabondama (in Japanese, the word means “soap bubble”) produces only additive-free (no fragrance, colouring, antioxidant, or synthetic surfactant) natural soap.

Founded in 1910, which was back then a synthetic soap maker for a long period of time.

However, that all changed in the mid-1970’s, triggered by a request from the national railway company. Since then, Shabondama started to produce pure, additive free soap and detergent.

Today, Shabondama Soap Co. Ltd is the pioneer of pure additive-free soap.

Who are the typical Shabondama Users? 

Typical Shabondama Users can be categorized into three core groups :                                             img_05

  • Mothers with babies
  • People who are serious about natural, healthy living
  • People with skin problems, atopic dermatitis, or sensitive skin



*Note : Shabondama soap is an additive-free soap. Kindly take note that it does not prevent or cure allergies.

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